Why did Kermit fall from the roof?

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Ever wondered why happened to homie Kermit? Well now you know
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  • stonks

    Lachlan DooleyLachlan Dooley4 órája
  • pity kermit

    Nuri tamtunaliNuri tamtunali4 órája
  • *It hurt...*

    Kermit has a gunKermit has a gun8 órája
  • -0:22 0:23

    NamjesusNamjesus10 órája
  • meme on meme on meme lol

    puzzleboxpuzzlebox10 órája
  • Kermit was ejected

    jm Matilajm Matila10 órája
  • Nooooo Kermit 😔

    Pandagirl413 .xPandagirl413 .x17 órája
  • Poor Kermit tho ;c

    Bobux BobuxBobux Bobux19 órája
  • E

    Bobux BobuxBobux Bobux19 órája
  • I am going to kermit suicide

    Giorno GiovannaGiorno Giovanna21 órája
  • Lmao 😂 Btw. This is actually real bc on the end the radio is actually on the ground

    broski gamesbroski games21 órája
  • oh thats how he died XD

    -Mxtict Arts--Mxtict Arts-22 órája
  • miss piggy save the poor frog now

    [cøøkie lìlać][cøøkie lìlać]Napja
  • Pog

    Roger SetiawanRoger SetiawanNapja
  • True

    Clout OfficialClout OfficialNapja
  • Don’t worry guys I’m good it was just that I broke my entire body not including my head

    Kermit the frogKermit the frogNapja
  • Kermit noooo the man I did not hit her its bullshoot and yeet bottle

  • Poor kermit, he just wanted to vibe😂😂

    Johnny StanJohnny StanNapja
  • why do we fall ?

    Nuri tamtunaliNuri tamtunaliNapja
  • This is officially canon

    GamerGamer2 napja
  • o h n o

    PatrickioPatrickio2 napja
  • It hurted a lot

    Memeify TX-900Memeify TX-9002 napja
  • people that made videos that were called "kermit kermits suicide" after watching this 0:23

    stopmotionsstopmotions3 napja
  • Hello

    Ramiz Ay nonRamiz Ay non3 napja
  • 😂

    Szoboszlai EmanuelSzoboszlai Emanuel3 napja
  • Good plot twist

    SotaSota3 napja
  • Hahaha when the man said he did not hit her and end up hitting Kermit the frog 😆😆

    Valeria GonzalezValeria Gonzalez3 napja
  • I just pooped my pants of laughter when I saw Kermit the frog fall of the roof haha 😆😆 R.I.P

    Valeria GonzalezValeria Gonzalez3 napja
  • oh hi mark

    Ayşe S.Ayşe S.3 napja
  • Damn, Kermit busting some hot moves, we all need that Kermit drip btw who agrees? ⬇️

    That1guy NooneaskedfromThat1guy Nooneaskedfrom3 napja
  • If a empty bottle can push Kermit, how light is he?!???!

    Loner_BoyLoner_Boy3 napja
  • I never noticed the stereo tell now😂

    Loner_BoyLoner_Boy3 napja
  • Lmaoooo I can’t stop laughing

    Alex YTAlex YT3 napja
  • Do not worry I am fine just broke my head

    Wanda MaximoffWanda Maximoff4 napja
  • I clicked this by accident and I am not disappointed

    Gizmo StudiosGizmo Studios4 napja

    ninja cami11ninja cami114 napja
  • *I* hit her

    Shawn LatourShawn Latour4 napja
  • That fucking water bottle

    xxSammyxx MNxxSammyxx MN4 napja
  • Oh sad I feel bad for coming

    Cool Christmas tree FletcherCool Christmas tree Fletcher4 napja
  • man why did you do kermit like dat? he just got drunk with his ex

  • The guy : *talking about I didn’t not hit her* Also The Guy : *Throws the bottle* Also Guy : but I hit him

    Frankie MatosFrankie Matos4 napja
    • XD

  • FBI ur under arrest.

    FBIFBI4 napja
  • This is really well made meme good job dude👍

    NausomaNausoma4 napja
  • *This is sad*

  • Kermit was just vibing

    Maddi H.Maddi H.5 napja
  • Our roof

    Local CommunistLocal Communist5 napja
  • epic

    Jose Francisco O. De Los SantosJose Francisco O. De Los Santos5 napja
  • this guy should be famous

    Tiko 26Tiko 265 napja
  • theres actually a boombox on the floor

    ZaWarudoZaWarudo5 napja
  • Nice dancing Kermit

    J0k3rfan400J0k3rfan4005 napja
  • Me: watching in 2021 Kermet: dieing

    Tiffany MartinezTiffany Martinez5 napja

    Kermit The FrogKermit The Frog5 napja
  • Wow

    Crown XCrown X5 napja
  • Its because the radio fell off and the man was the whoever is it- lol

    Alix BenAlix Ben5 napja
  • oh thats why

    Jose Rivas-SandovalJose Rivas-Sandoval5 napja
  • he kirmit'd suicide

    MikeyBruh 5O1MikeyBruh 5O15 napja
  • Mmm

    Isabel LujanIsabel Lujan5 napja
  • I didn't hit her

    ellaella6 napja
  • Every one who got this recomended Well well well lets find out

    yajurv bardeyajurv barde6 napja
  • poor kermit

    yyhyhyhtyyhyhyht6 napja
  • All it needs now is a "shot on iPhone" outro at the end. :p

    Vitaliy DunkerleyVitaliy Dunkerley6 napja
  • To get to the ground floor

  • Can we just appreciate how clean that was

    YuriYuri6 napja
  • so true

    Victor RiveraVictor Rivera6 napja
  • Them water bottle flipping videos have gone too far...

    The MandalorianThe Mandalorian6 napja
  • R.I.P Kermit. I grew up watching Kermit.

    •Toshi Yamo••Toshi Yamo•6 napja
  • why did the guy look real

    Josiah CruzJosiah Cruz6 napja
  • ;-;

    •itz lil nugget••itz lil nugget•6 napja

    noobpoobnoobpoob6 napja
  • Oh.. my... Gosh...

    Willy Nilly LillyWilly Nilly Lilly7 napja
  • 0:19 my 18 missing assignments:

    Indiyah GilmoreIndiyah Gilmore7 napja
  • u no

    Vincent AllenVincent Allen7 napja
  • It all makes sence now

  • What song is that?

    Bacon The PigBacon The Pig7 napja
  • I hated when Kermit fell from the roof

    Viilagersmash4 eggtimeViilagersmash4 eggtime7 napja
  • Please somebody tell me the song name 0:04

    fraxy473fraxy4737 napja
  • He was vibin’ too hard...

    Trey KincyTrey Kincy7 napja
  • 0:24 undertale

    JoeJoe7 napja
  • awrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    The duck Biggest haterThe duck Biggest hater7 napja
  • High effort meme

    Alex LăzărescuAlex Lăzărescu7 napja
  • This is perfectly transitioned between clops.

    JoeTEG TheEmeraldGamerJoeTEG TheEmeraldGamer7 napja
  • There was really a radio down there.

    Mooncresent GamingMooncresent Gaming7 napja
  • Lol

    Kermit is on fire YayKermit is on fire Yay8 napja
  • On this episode of myth busters

    Not terrible lego animationsNot terrible lego animations8 napja
  • A story in 3 parts

    beastbro9823beastbro98238 napja
  • "Oh hi Mark."

    Theblueguy35Theblueguy358 napja
  • So aaaaa... omg😲😲😲 OMG

    club videos y mucho masclub videos y mucho mas8 napja
  • Just the fact that when kermit fell and the boombox was on the floor as well proves how much thought went into this lol

    Kill0MeterKill0Meter8 napja
  • Whats the song called

    Gabriel VaganianGabriel Vaganian8 napja
  • It was so sad when he said "oh no" :c

    Afro l'AfrovenatorAfro l'Afrovenator8 napja
  • I think Kermit might be OK he maybe just broke a leg

    FakeNews FishFakeNews Fish8 napja
  • Kermit was VIBEING

    MEMECAT LolMEMECAT Lol9 napja
  • This is the best prequel I’ve ever seen lol

    Builders 81Builders 819 napja
  • Because he wanted to KERMIT it- ( yeah ik im not funny but whatever)

    *insert cool name**insert cool name*9 napja
  • Meme

    MAii Te'jayMAii Te'jay9 napja
  • We tired playing with him

    Angelica CantuAngelica Cantu9 napja
  • He’s green he’s my cind

    Levi PublicoverLevi Publicover9 napja
  • Yes sirrrrrrrr

    Levi PublicoverLevi Publicover9 napja
  • Kermit the frog caused 9/11. In the 2002 TV film "It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie", there's a part where an angel shows Kermit an alternate reality where he was never born. For whatever reason, the editors didn't really think about it, and continued to use footage with the twin towers still standing for this scene, however they aren't there in his original universe. Therefore, something that Kermit did in his life, did in fact cause 9/11 in Muppet lore.

    G04T SP1TG04T SP1T9 napja