When you forgot to pay your debt to Tom Nook

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Animation done with Blender and Adobe After Effects
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  • I was expecting him saying *where’s my f-cking money..*

    Felix the CatFelix the Cat4 napja
  • Aw shit

    Angelica CantuAngelica Cantu4 napja
  • 0:12

    Elinda AquinoElinda Aquino6 napja
  • Tom nook and gun

    BlackBlack6 napja
  • He jumped through the window little did he know.... its not over yet tom nook will always be there

    Taliana CorreaTaliana Correa9 napja

    Tom NookTom Nook9 napja
    • Uhhhhhhhh I don't have a debt to pay Tom nook right hahaha😅😅

      •ɪᴛs_ʙʟᴀᴄᴋʏ••ɪᴛs_ʙʟᴀᴄᴋʏ•8 napja
  • I keep thinking if he’s evil or not XD YES YES

    Salmanojd BoiSalmanojd Boi10 napja
  • Oh you know, happens all the time

    Ariana ZAriana Z13 napja
  • Lol 😆

    Abigail HoughAbigail Hough13 napja
  • I always want to play animal crossing but tom nook *brings out guns *

    Fnaf Gamer GirlFnaf Gamer Girl13 napja
  • Did u know that Tom nook is actually giving the money to the community? Also I think the creators refer to him as the favorite

    CrumblieCrumblie14 napja
  • When you bought a house thinking it can slide with Tom when your under with bells:

    Miley OrnelasMiley Ornelas15 napja
  • Lol

    Floofy DinozFloofy Dinoz16 napja
  • OK I did not see that one coming XD

    Jaden PelsterJaden Pelster16 napja
  • The True Sode Of om Nook

    CookieToonOwOCookieToonOwO16 napja
  • So true.

    Brian mcdonnellBrian mcdonnell16 napja
  • Did anyone realize that the old animal crossing

    Normie PerezNormie Perez17 napja
  • *R.I.P villager*

    SleepySleepy17 napja
  • I read the title as “When you pay off your debt to Tom nook” and thought... Who even does that-

    PurpleBerry PopPurpleBerry Pop18 napja
  • You can’t judge him he want his Bells he want them

    Melo Creepy PastaMelo Creepy Pasta18 napja
  • That’s not Tom nook that’s Timmy or tommy

    Amarr ThomasAmarr Thomas18 napja
  • 0:13 my mom after 10 min from ipad time

    Wolf twinsWolf twins19 napja
  • Lol the picture went from :D to D:

  • But... It's no intres- **gets shot**

    Banana guyBanana guy20 napja
  • I’d do that too lol

    PuppyPaws425PuppyPaws42520 napja
  • I guess when Isabelle married Doomslayer, a bit of Doomslayer rubbed off on the residents, wouldn't you say?

    WhizardoTheRedFluffWhizardoTheRedFluff20 napja
  • that aint tom nook! Thats one of his sons!

    DoggoPlaysDoggoPlays20 napja
  • I just realized the villager that he added to the photo makes a sad face when tom nook breaks in

    tod the foxtod the fox20 napja
  • Yeet out the window the classic way to die

    Mr.maingamer SmithMr.maingamer Smith21 napja
  • Nope

    Brad CowanBrad Cowan21 napja

    Xia LevXia Lev22 napja
  • my brain telling me to not reset in acnh but do it anyway : 0:23

    Blanca BeltreBlanca Beltre22 napja
  • lol

    IICatLoverIICatLover24 napja
  • DrUg NoOk

    XxcharxX-TGXxcharxX-TG25 napja
  • and thats how the cookie crumbles

    MaxPlayz GamesMaxPlayz Games25 napja
  • Imagine if this was reality

    ReactBoiReactBoi25 napja
  • Who else knew that is is tom nooks tru self

    Grace GalxyGrace Galxy25 napja
  • I hate when that happens!

    Chris CerritosChris Cerritos25 napja
  • B R I L L I A N T

    serafinastudiosserafinastudios25 napja
  • Mission pasted you got a way from Tom nook or did you?

    SuperBrothersGameingSuperBrothersGameing26 napja
  • 0:10 scared the crap of of me!!

    Cara PenneckCara Penneck26 napja
  • Tom nook y have choosing death

    wang frankwang frank29 napja
  • let’s pretend tom nook is a teacher and their asking for the goddam homework that was due 5 months ago.

    VaiVai29 napja
  • 0:27

    Art ProductionsArt ProductionsHónapja
  • Tom nook almost Fu*k me up at least I pay the least debt Right now I am broke

    Xavier BravoXavier BravoHónapja
  • that went from: ok pretty funny to: MAH GOD SHE JUMPED OUT DA DAMN WINDOW

  • Pay your debt, or face regret

    Le DekuLe DekuHónapja
  • Where do you get the sounds for this?

    That Internet ShowThat Internet ShowHónapja
  • I will never talk to tom nook unless I need my loans paid

  • I still haven't payed debt in 3 months

  • Poor billy if only he knew he wasnt editing that good and wasnt paying his bells and why are they bells cant they be golden nuggets?

    Ashley RosalesAshley RosalesHónapja
  • 0:18 - When you remain so calm that your png image file has to emote for you.

  • Well... you’re supposed to pay your bills, hm?

    Kathrine HowardKathrine HowardHónapja
  • I love this it’s so funny

    Captain ManticoreCaptain ManticoreHónapja
  • 0:24 catch me outside how bout that

    Jaiden MercerJaiden Mercer2 hónapja
  • I understand why it is funny to make vids about this but in new horizens tom nook is actualy a nice character >_> (LoL i liked my own comment)

    just my name guusjejust my name guusje2 hónapja
  • If you don't know,if you didn't pay for tom,Tom will use a nonielgel GUN..........

  • Me as an communist:start a rage and take over the island

    Mr nobody MrMr nobody Mr2 hónapja
  • Tom nook is still daddy tho🥴🥵

    digestedliverdigestedliver3 hónapja
  • Heh

  • 0:18 the picture changed it emotion

    KillagerKillager3 hónapja
  • 0:08: :D 0:18: D:

    Ethan the NoobEthan the Noob4 hónapja
  • *holds bells and yeets those to tom nook* Calm down Mr. Nook.

    Mateo OmbaoMateo Ombao4 hónapja
  • 100% false Tom Nook is super chill about the payment, you can go years without paying him, and is still sitting back, relaxing

    nathan prinsnathan prins4 hónapja
  • I’ll never see Tom nook the sam way again

    c l o u d yc l o u d y4 hónapja
  • When I showed my sister this, she got scared thinking that would actually happen. Lol 😂

    Smol wolf 684Smol wolf 6845 hónapja
  • Tom nook is the mr dictkovich of animal crossing

    The ProtagonistThe Protagonist5 hónapja
  • HAHKDUJUSHPBWH 😂😭😂🌊 you had the time to make this omg. i love this😂😂😂

    Melody’s InstrumentalMelody’s Instrumental5 hónapja
  • Tom nook (now) you didn’t pay your debt, you know what happens next... NUCLEAR MISSILE WARNING

    FE26 LoverFE26 Lover5 hónapja
  • Wait did this happen while you were making this video in this video in this video-

    NightmarePSansNightmarePSans5 hónapja
  • When the FBI finds your search history

    Yuudai the Gun HeroYuudai the Gun Hero5 hónapja

    [ Blastkin ][ Blastkin ]5 hónapja
  • Ahh,another fine collection to my album

    Lucas MaoLucas Mao5 hónapja
  • No villager's where harmmed in the making of this video

    Thicc RaymondThicc Raymond5 hónapja

    ` ` L E M O N Y ` `` ` L E M O N Y ` `5 hónapja
  • so this is why I don’t like Tom.. InTeReStInG

    kxn1eyskxn1eys5 hónapja
  • 0:27 *When i have alot of homework*

    Destiny LemonDestiny Lemon5 hónapja
  • wait? what happend next>!!?

    Sten Hertz TangSten Hertz Tang6 hónapja
  • My last brain cells: 0:27

    ponixponix6 hónapja
  • How did you get your villagers model?

    SuperMitsaSuperMitsa6 hónapja
  • Tom nook:are ya winning son

    yuze tanyuze tan6 hónapja
  • Egg

    Amantes De VentiladoresAmantes De Ventiladores6 hónapja
  • Don’t worry is sorted out now huworld.info/flow/vide/vmyy04uYhcjQqa4

    Cherry raccoon channelCherry raccoon channel6 hónapja
  • *I’ve never paid my de*

    The Colorful CreationsThe Colorful Creations6 hónapja
  • I've never been so scared of Tom nook in my life

    {human} Fumikage Tokoyami{human} Fumikage Tokoyami6 hónapja
  • yes

    Cly deCly de6 hónapja
  • The first dream I remember having was a nightmare where Nook chased me around his shop with a net trying to kidnap me. I was too young to distinguish between dream and reality, so I didn't touch Wild World for weeks.

    unregisteredhypercam 12unregisteredhypercam 126 hónapja
  • Pay up bitch

    I am no longer a raccoon 69I am no longer a raccoon 696 hónapja
  • Oh no I did an oopsie 😻

    NatsukiNatsuki6 hónapja
  • I think Isabelle taught Tom nook how to use a gun

  • Did anyone realize the picture of him was originally smiling but at the scene where Tom nook comes in the picture frowns on the screen?

    ChaseDJ549 / ChaseyFXChaseDJ549 / ChaseyFX7 hónapja
  • *im comin for your ankles*

    GabrielGabriel7 hónapja
    • Pls no

      Jonkari PJonkari P7 hónapja

    Tom Nook [PISSED]Tom Nook [PISSED]7 hónapja
  • He ran away from me.... damn

    I am no longer a raccoon 69I am no longer a raccoon 697 hónapja
  • i just imagine Tom Nook running a Loan Shark

    Jesus ChristJesus Christ7 hónapja
  • 🙈

    S4BayoS4Bayo7 hónapja
  • Stay back!... find him... find him... fives... find him, fives!

    Mr. FloydMr. Floyd7 hónapja
  • Why? Tom nook is not like this?

    Vampirekid GachaVampirekid Gacha8 hónapja
  • Not the computer!!! No!!!!

    TheTechCguyTheTechCguy8 hónapja
  • When my mum counts to three so I get off my ps4

    CRZ dekuCRZ deku8 hónapja