Sully in The Shining

2020.jún. 2.
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and for that reason i'm out

  • This should be used in a ytp

    Gaming_ GamerGaming_ Gamer12 napja
  • OoO

    ValstraxValstrax2 hónapja
  • Sulley was like not interested

    NewYorkAdventurer1994.NewYorkAdventurer1994.2 hónapja
  • Me being 11 mmhhh daddy

    The NumbersThe Numbers4 hónapja
  • This is some good stuff

    Darth ballDarth ball6 hónapja
  • The one in angry birds is way creepier tbh Edit: just watched it and if it talked more it would of been creepier

    Does A Vacuum SuccDoes A Vacuum Succ6 hónapja
  • Monsters inc. (2001)

    Roblox Bradley Joe 12Roblox Bradley Joe 126 hónapja
  • i love reddit

    Koi MoiKoi Moi6 hónapja
  • Sully: nope Everyone watching: yes, i think we can agree to that

    q0qckyq0qcky6 hónapja
  • Wrong door, mr. Wazowski

    that blue pikmin that travels dimensionsthat blue pikmin that travels dimensions6 hónapja
  • "Boo....?"

    ApotheosisApotheosis7 hónapja
  • " ho sorry wrong door"

    tem's herotem's hero7 hónapja
  • Imma tell my kids this actually was in the movie

    Saucy YikersSaucy Yikers8 hónapja
  • *NOPE*

    Ricardo MilosRicardo Milos8 hónapja
  • Sullivan was like nop- Fake, the floor here is floor.

    The Blah FamilyThe Blah Family8 hónapja
  • I was expecting him to say "ya like jazz"

    HondoHondo8 hónapja
  • *plot twist* He dies

    SharkamtoSharkamto8 hónapja
  • Sully went ight im bout to head out

    Britter TeaBritter Tea8 hónapja
  • HUworld is drunk again Video:*supposed to end at 23 seconds* My Video:*ends at 22 seconds* Me:Why.....

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  • Nope 😂😂😂😂

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  • Bruh

    frostbytefrostbyte9 hónapja
  • How do you make these clean edits?

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  • Lmao

    MarcoNotFound _MarcoNotFound _9 hónapja
  • Make bridge worm in jurassic parl

    ewerton #anticartooncat !!!ゴミギャング!!!ewerton #anticartooncat !!!ゴミギャング!!!9 hónapja
  • Nope, would be my reaction too

    memesunitememesunite9 hónapja
  • you are way too good at these kinds of things. way better than you have any right to be.

    Samuel LaskySamuel Lasky9 hónapja
  • who else thinks mike wazowski looks weird now because you are used to seeing him with 2 eyes but he actually has 1

    ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻9 hónapja
  • Mike that's not her door

    Opiesgirl 1Opiesgirl 19 hónapja
  • damn this is so smooth i wouldn't be able to tell it wasn't part of the movie if i hadn't already seen it

    Keith ChristensenKeith Christensen9 hónapja
  • Quality content seriously dude 😂

    Julieta WapetonaJulieta Wapetona9 hónapja
  • hey i love your videos! i was wondering, what software do you use, and could you possibly do a tutorial vid?

    Zam BamZam Bam9 hónapja
    • Im using adobe after effects and blender. Im thinking about it!

      Jonkari PJonkari P8 hónapja
  • I hope he head butt the twins

    Turneddragon on minecraftTurneddragon on minecraft9 hónapja
  • Dude. You're amazing at this. Keep it up! Love it.

    Frog ❶Frog ❶9 hónapja
  • N.O.P.E! 😂

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  • I turned my volume up than quickly turned it back down bc I thought their was gonna be a jump scare Lol😂😂😂

    Lps DayaLps Daya9 hónapja
  • Why not yes?

    ChalfexChalfex9 hónapja
  • If a monster gets scared by another monster is the monster still considered a monster?

    Seth GarnerSeth Garner9 hónapja
  • Kinda missed opportunity here

    Motorboi 69Motorboi 699 hónapja
  • Lol

    man sj96man sj969 hónapja
  • Plot twist! :D

    LauraOnDutyLauraOnDuty9 hónapja
  • Knowing that the old Pixar staff were hardcore fans of The Shinning, I can absolutely see them coming up with this fake ending just for the laughs. This is amazing.

    Agsma, Just AgsmaAgsma, Just Agsma9 hónapja
  • Yes... everyone expected "Here's Johnny"

    Adam GallyotAdam Gallyot9 hónapja
  • Waternoose: Kidnaps children [The Overlook Hotel wants to know your dimension]

    A Living Coral ReefA Living Coral Reef9 hónapja
  • Could’ve been worse, that door could have led to 29 Neibolt Street in Derry, Maine.

    Rey Prunespawn SkywalkerRey Prunespawn Skywalker9 hónapja
  • 0:21 That’s Savage 0:17 but that’s creepy as shit

    Recklezz_ YTRecklezz_ YT9 hónapja
  • Boy that was scary

    Sam RussoSam Russo9 hónapja
  • funny enough there's a hidden reference to the shining in toy story

    SmashLiXsSmashLiXs9 hónapja
  • Leaving my mark before Jon blows up.

    Noise MachineNoise Machine9 hónapja
  • This is true perfection.

    ChromxRobin And CorrinxCamilla Lover And SupporterChromxRobin And CorrinxCamilla Lover And Supporter9 hónapja
  • When this is in everyone’s recommended in 6 years, hi can you reply to this and ask how I’m doing I want to make sure I’m ok in 6 years

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    • JaysonHUworlds lol check out Soap Animation on HUworld and subscribe, then I’ll shout you out

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    • @Turtle Ahmad Oh...

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    • JaysonHUworlds I don’t know

      Turtle AhmadTurtle Ahmad6 hónapja
    • How are you doing 6 yeas from now?

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  • Maybe Waternoose was right about children being dangerous...

    Edmar FeclerEdmar Fecler9 hónapja
  • Here's Sullyyy

    Dolan DarkerDolan Darker9 hónapja
    • When a popular channels comment only gets nine thumbs up

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    • Sul

      Darth ballDarth ball6 hónapja
    • Seems like the duck is lonely.

      ScoopofButterScoopofButter6 hónapja
    • Hmmm no one know this comment yet... YET I FIRST comment..

      mairah yakmairah yak6 hónapja
  • (Toy Story credits play)

    The NarratorThe Narrator9 hónapja
  • That scary twins sister it wants to play with us and now I wet my self 😓😓😓

    blueghost aidanblueghost aidan9 hónapja
  • Well, this is a small step to me being able to watch this scene.

    AustinAKRAustinAKR9 hónapja
  • freaking Mike Wazowski fixed the wrong door

    TheSeekkerTheSeekker9 hónapja
  • I didn't know what to expect

    TyeTye9 hónapja
  • That transition though

    Human ManHuman Man9 hónapja
  • 10/10

    PLKPLK9 hónapja
  • M I K E T H A T ' S N O T H E R D O O R ! !

    Dapper IndividualDapper Individual9 hónapja
    • O F C O U R S E I T ' S H E R D O O R

      Adam GallyotAdam Gallyot9 hónapja
  • N O P E

    Sandra BehmSandra Behm9 hónapja
  • Put that thing back where it came from or so help me!!!

    Jack O'BrienJack O'Brien9 hónapja
  • great work as always bud!

    DiabloDexDiabloDex9 hónapja
  • Ahaha the moment they start speaking he out like flash

    bro I has raygun pls revivebro I has raygun pls revive9 hónapja
  • Boo has a twin now

    Roman PalaciosRoman Palacios9 hónapja
  • My reaction when my nephews or nieces come over

    ThatGuy guyThatGuy guy9 hónapja
  • Mike that's not her door

    Tyler GarrityTyler Garrity9 hónapja
  • *nope*

    FeRzFeRz9 hónapja
  • Would've been flawless if they said "Come play with us, *sULLy* "

    Koryo Or3oKoryo Or3o9 hónapja
    • *_N O P E_*

      Adam GallyotAdam Gallyot9 hónapja
  • Quarantine has shown me that I haven't got any actual friends so I'll gladly play with those kids.

    Nemo_KNemo_K9 hónapja
  • See that's a new video!

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  • These are so good! Ootko muuten suomalainen? Sillä nämä on aivan mahtavia! 👌

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  • (And it was shredded again)

    Mr.RomeoJosephMr.RomeoJoseph9 hónapja
  • Oh hell no!!! These grady twins are so freaking cutes

    13 Legendary Love13 Legendary Love9 hónapja
  • NOPE

    notemannoteman9 hónapja
  • "Mike, that's not her door."

    Brian McGauleyBrian McGauley9 hónapja
  • **YES**

    xander van dijkxander van dijk9 hónapja
  • Cracking 👍

    Alec BaldwinAlec Baldwin9 hónapja
  • that's not Boo

    SuperWiiBros08SuperWiiBros089 hónapja
  • Hi may I see Woody and Buzz in Onward?

    Janusz BolbotowskiJanusz Bolbotowski9 hónapja

    Braylinn The Weird Short stubby gurlBraylinn The Weird Short stubby gurl9 hónapja
  • Like the sega Saturn that went south quick lol

    BurstBurst9 hónapja
  • No laughing, and all scare, makes Sully a dull boy.

    Taco BallsTaco Balls9 hónapja
  • 34 minute crew

    masterpig5 Smasterpig5 S9 hónapja
  • I picked the right channel to subscribe to

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  • He really just said *_NOPE_* lol

    MrPieMrPie9 hónapja
  • " *Nouuuuppppeee* " 🤮🤢

    SamyakinhoSamyakinho9 hónapja
  • This was so funny

    Callofduty mav Bro!Callofduty mav Bro!9 hónapja
  • 0:11 it was at this moment,he f**** up.

    spooks gamingspooks gaming9 hónapja
  • That scary as fu-

    ReacT FireryReacT Firery9 hónapja
  • It's over, Random HUworld User looking at this comment, I have the high ground!

    SparrowIZSparrowIZ9 hónapja
  • My boi back with another mastapiece

    PurpleLetterMediaPurpleLetterMedia9 hónapja
  • The 2 children Waternoose can't kindap

    Jiren in your recommendationsJiren in your recommendations9 hónapja
    • @Adam Gallyotfnaf bb and bg

      Sad JaroldSad Jarold9 hónapja
    • 2 children that no monster can't scare

      Adam GallyotAdam Gallyot9 hónapja
    • That's because they aren't children, they are demonic little craps

      Sad JaroldSad Jarold9 hónapja
  • why are all your edits really good? what editor do you use?

    MemerManStanMemerManStan9 hónapja
    • cool. i wish i had them. cause i make memes too.

      MemerManStanMemerManStan9 hónapja
    • Adobe After effects cs6 and Blender

      Jonkari PJonkari P9 hónapja
  • Kitty...

    Maximized AnimationMaximized Animation9 hónapja
  • You should make a full movie

    Quin_tin_Quin_tin_9 hónapja

    Sam the TroglobiteSam the Troglobite9 hónapja
  • I expected a "here's Johnny", but this works too.

    DryuedDryued9 hónapja
    • Same

      Cam UORCam UOR3 hónapja
    • Same

      My wife left and took the kidsMy wife left and took the kids6 hónapja
    • Same

      C lC l8 hónapja
    • Same

      zensYTzensYT8 hónapja
    • Hey at least it editing was smooth

      Seth GarnerSeth Garner9 hónapja
  • Fun fact: the twins are pretty scary, thats why Sully closed the door

    JejkobbbJejkobbb9 hónapja
    • I wish I was blessed with such internal knowledge of the universe as thee almighty jejkobbb hamster man guy

      PhøenixPhøenix3 hónapja
    • @Jonkari P do coffin dance

      Godzilla Dinosaurs Lizards And AllGodzilla Dinosaurs Lizards And All8 hónapja
    • @Jonkari P do a coffin dance

      Godzilla Dinosaurs Lizards And AllGodzilla Dinosaurs Lizards And All9 hónapja
    • Well.... duh

      Adam GallyotAdam Gallyot9 hónapja
    • Jejkobbb every sixty seconds in Africa a minute passes

      Danny 505Danny 5059 hónapja
  • Shoulda threw sully in there

    Bob LasagBob Lasag9 hónapja