Star Wars: Technical Difficulties

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Voice lines done by Luke Correia. Link to his channel

  • when was this? i can tell its canon

  • I guess you could say that's Canon

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  • The a-posing C-3PO

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  • istant regret clicking this playlist sent me here

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  • It needs red ink

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  • He angy

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  • 19k views only wtf

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  • I have not seen one comment that ISN'T hearted. You must have sone time on your hands. Maybe heart this one 😳.

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    • @red Means a lot me!

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    • @Jonkari P well, since you read the comments. i just wanna let ya know these videos are great man. keep the amazing work.

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    • I can get pretty busy but I make time to read the comments

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  • It's out of blue ink.

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  • This video didn't get recommended to me! I only found out because of the how-to video. Judging buy the views this must've happened with a lot of people.

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    • As long as people who see it get some enjoyment out of it I'm happy :)

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  • who tf disliked???

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  • That’s what happens when you blow up the planet that’s been your primary ink supplier.

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  • i have a canon printer and i can confirm that this is accurate

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  • damn this never got sent to my sub feed

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  • This is something they should’ve done in space balls

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  • The exaggerated swagger of a Canon printer

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  • I’m guessing most of the funding for the empire went into the ink cartridges

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  • So thats what they meant when they said fire the Canon's.

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  • Now this is quality

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  • So that's how all the words were floating in space...

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  • Oh no now they have to search for magenta color across the galaxy.

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  • What

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  • Relatable

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  • LMAO

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  • So _that’s_ why the title crawls end in dot dot dots

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  • What if in Stranger Things, The Demogorgon gets shot by a shotgun from a man who has a chainsaw hand and joins along with Eleven and the others and says "groovy"

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  • genius

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    • Smart

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  • Episode VI: Return of the Cartridge

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  • When the budget is down to zero

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  • all your content is gold I'm subbed

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  • hey jongiakri pe

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  • "Please insert a cyan cartridge" "But what I'm printing if all yellow" "Did I fucking stutter"

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  • Yellow ink was fine. It was the magenta that ran out 😅😅😒

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  • Okay

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  • Love it

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  • That last scene was traumatizing for me D:

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  • They ran out of cyan

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  • Why is the stormtrooper's croch armour is so big?

    Zoltán PereiZoltán Perei2 hónapja
    • They packing the heat

      Jonkari PJonkari P2 hónapja
  • Nice teaser for Mel Brooks’ new film, Spaceballs 3, The Search For Spaceballs 2, The Search For More Money.

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  • A massive, printer-shaped space station that doesn’t even work properly DOES sound like something the empire would waste money on TBH

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  • Good job on the audio!

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    • I appreciate it!

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  • Star wars the Printer strikes back

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  • Imagine being a galactic empire and still using shit canon products. (Good video btw)

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  • The printer joke in Star Wars executed very well. This feels like it is written out of a Robot Chicken sketch.

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  • Good one

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  • Nice one

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  • ran out of ink

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  • I have a bad feeling about this...

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  • Now THATS’s what I call a *SPACE JAM!*

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  • Yellow ink are RARE well yeah from space

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  • Rip the printer that was never actually in Star Wars Printer - 2020

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  • i liked the video before it started playing

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  • Never use an inkjet printer.

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  • Ahahaha...I like Star Wars

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  • Printers hate him. Find out this 1 weird trick that DeathStars use to blow up printers

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    • Dude! You are at every adult swim video.

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  • I RECOGNIZE THAT EXPLOSION ASSET great vid as always

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  • They probably still have yellow ink left but the printer is greedy and requires magenta which they never used

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  • Due to budget cuts, the empire could not make it to the sequel triology. They're still trying to get the money for printer ink.

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  • nah

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  • I hope they invent a self-repair printer

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  • Hyvä video

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  • This is not family friendly 😳

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  • you are amazing at editing, keep up the good work!

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    • Thank you!

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  • The Death Star turning broke me

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  • bruh

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  • Stormtroopers aren't just bad at shooting, they're also bad at printing...

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  • So that's how it was made.

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  • Seeing that this isnt the first time they have'nt replaced the ink, I feel they deserve the punishment.

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  • Wow that’s a great printer

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  • Ran out of magenta I assume...

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  • Vader finds your lack of filling the printer with ink... disturbing..

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  • How the fuck are you so good jonkari

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  • Star wars 10: We'll be right back

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  • Don't you just hate when your intergalactical floating words just break.

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  • You had one job printer

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  • That’s too good

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  • At least it's not a paper jam.

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  • Hi

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  • How long did this one take ?

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    • A week maybe

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  • not again.

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  • Bro this is hella epic poggers approved 🤯

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  • Teach me your editing magic, oh meme god.

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  • A new hope for a new printer

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    • @starstreek EDD must approve all memes before Susan allows them

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    • @Printer printers succ >:)

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    • :)

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    • @nadira mohammed he got to watch it early

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    • Why does it say 4 hours when this vid just came out ?

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