Pull the lever Kronk but it's Star Wars

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It do be the wrong lever
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Voice acting by @DaVoicePlug

  • Lol nice

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  • Darth ezma

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  • Gghggg

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  • It’s funny how u see the ion torpedoes just go down thru that glass pillar tube behind them

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  • Omfg this is legendary status of editing what the hel-

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  • is it wrong that i thought it was an airlock?

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    • It can be what ever you want it to be

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  • Kronk:pulls Level "strange this Usually works"🤔 Luke Skywalker: uses the Force to Guide Shots into the DeathStars main Reactor "And so does this"😈 BOOOOOOM!!!!!💥

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  • GOLD

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  • This is singlehandedly the greatest thing to ever exist

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  • ahora todo tiene sentido

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  • "Palpatine has "a secret lab", i'll just order him to build me a new battle suit to keep me alive."

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  • Ezma well were dead

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  • That was smart, brilliant, funny

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  • Wroooong leveeeer!

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  • open the blast door Kronk! WROOOOONG BLAAAAAAST DOOOOOOOR

  • That quiet stormtrooper: what have you done now....

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  • I really wish she screamed wrong lever as soon as the death Star exploded

    Kevin the puppetKevin the puppet4 napja
    • @Jonkari P fair enough Have a good day or night

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    • Trust me I had that in the edit but it didn't work well

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  • Why the empire ever have that lever to the thermal exhaust port?! Darth Vader not be pleased

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  • Lol this make my day

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  • Kronk unwittingly destroyed the Death Star! Brrrrrrrrrrrilliant!

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  • Ahhh, it's al come together now

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  • XD

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  • So thats what happend

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  • Perfect Just... This Is Prefect edditing

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  • This is a work of art bravo

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  • Would be better if she was the emperor

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  • Darth Vader: To the TIE Advanced! Pull the lever Kronk. Kronk: (pull the lever that opened the doors to the Thermal exhaust port) Darth Vader: WRONG LEVER! Why do we even have that lever?!

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  • Obi-Wan Kenobi: "This is not the llama you're looking for"

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  • I'm surprised this isn't officially made by Disney

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  • 😂 this is the pinnacle of crossovers

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  • So it’s all Kronks fault 😂

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  • Open the blast doors, OPEN THE BLAST DOORS!!!!!!!!!

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  • This is top class quality!

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  • That was great editing!

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  • Was kind of expecting him to miss the lever entirely

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  • meanwhile: *jedis wheezing so hard*

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  • oh...so that is how it happened....that explains so much actually.

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  • This is brilliant. My only suggestion would have been to add Yzma during the explosion, shouting "WRONG LEVER!"

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  • in kronks voice: this uuuhh... this was preeetty goood... yeah.

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  • Open the blast doors open the blast doors!!

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  • See now Yzma is either Tarkin or the Emperor in drag and I’m fine with that

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  • Nah, since he's a stormtrooper, mans probably missed the lever.

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  • Why do we even have that lever?

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  • Wrong lever

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  • I laughed to loud.

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  • That uh thats a big door for a secret lab....

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  • “WRONG LEEEEVAAAAAAAAAA-“ Ysma’s final words. R.I.P.

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  • To them it just looked like that was actually a self destruct lever.

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  • Seems Kronk couldn’t find armor big enough so he had to make do with only the helmet. lol

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  • Not gonna lie, I just expected Yzma to fall with a wilhelm scream.

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  • Kronk probably got fired.

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  • Should have used the one where she is going, go to lab, pull lever, something goes wrong, wall spins...

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  • “Pull the lever Kronk!” * Pulls lever * * Hears torpedo go past them * “What was that noise?” “probably just another drill”

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  • gold

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  • This deserves WAY more views

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  • Neat edit

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  • More lost footage of the original Star Wars surfacing, I see.

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  • Who hires these guys

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  • The editing is so great here

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  • Tarkin: "Enough of this, tell us where the hidden Rebel base is, then we'll blow up your homplanet" Vader: "Uhhhh, I think you mean "or"?" Tarkin: *groans "Tell us where the hidden Rebel base is OR we'll blow up your homeplanet!" Leia: "Well, which is it? It seems like a very crucial conjunction"

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  • this is great

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  • She should've screamed "WRONG LEVER!" when the death star blows up.

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  • that edditing was nuts

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  • The canon blasts going by in the background 😂

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  • How is it animated so well

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  • Kronk killed everyone

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  • I love the details that they have their own reflection on the floor

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  • I was 100% expecting "close the blast door... OPEN THE BLAST DOOR! OPEN THE BLAST DOOR!"

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  • O yeah. Its all coming together

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  • I can see a squeal edit to this where Palpitine/Yzma orders on the 2nd Death Star for the lever to be pulled which will open the window cover so Luke can watch his friends die in space. Instead it opens a hole under Palpitine. As he falls to his death: "Wrong Lever!" Luke: "Why did they even have that Lever?!"

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  • Love it

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  • Palpatines life as emperor in a nutshell:

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  • 'Use the Force, Kronk....Wrong Force!!!....Why do we even HAVE the Dark Side?'

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  • Oops lol


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  • 0:00 Sith cultists right after Palpatine died on Ep6

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  • So this was who the emperor smashed in order to have children and all that

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  • Kronk Pulled The Lever and Luke blew up the Death Star.

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  • Oooooh... So. That's wai it was open

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    • wai

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  • This is me when the

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  • I love this XD

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  • Imperial Officer: Sir they're targeting the exhaust port! Tarkin: We're perfectly safe, we closed the exhaust port before the battle

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  • WHY do we even *HAVE* that lever..?

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  • Wroooooooooong leveeeeer

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  • Vader should never have invited that inquisitor and her assistant.

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  • Wrong lever!

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  • 5 stars

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  • can we get an F in the chat for Kronk

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  • Underrated

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  • It’s BRILLIANT I tell you! Genius I say!

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  • High quality, low prices, and no questions asked!

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  • Well done lol😂

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  • Kronk noooooooooo!

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  • When you look for star wars but all you find is Kronk. "Oh yeah. It's all coming together."

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  • So that's how the Death Star was destroyed.

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